A Week In Pictures

by Ryland Moranz

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Monday morning wake up out of luck
the suns come up
snow's in the sky and it's been that way for days
Tuesday comes on slow
chinook wind pulls the frost from the road
see a mother and her baby and she couldn't be more than 15
life can feel funny I guess
how you always felt like you got more from less
what made you so scared now you wouldn't change a thing

I've felt like that before
trying to open a window by another closed door
keep a fire in the heart when it's raining on the porch

Wednesday a woman on the street is crying
she says can you help me mister? My mother just died
I need to get across town but I can't afford the ride
she was reaching out for help with her heart in her throat the way you reach out to strangers when you've lost your hope
and my heart broke but I didn't have a dime
Thursday a man named Brewster stands on the side of a road
with a bag in his hand
he said the people today I just don't understand
I've known them for years and I've helped raise their kids
I've shared in their fears and I've covered their shifts
It hurts me so do you agree we've lost our way?

I've felt like that in spades
smiling at strangers just to try to make a change
letting go of anger that I thought would always stay

Friday comes on like a runaway train and Saturday's like an
old friend that won't stay
reminds me how I love it at night when It rains
summer rain washes everything clean

So I'll grow some more
take it down to my roots let it flow through my core
revolution of the soul

Sunday morning wake up
the love of my life pulls the covers up
this is how it feels on the first day of spring


released October 27, 2015



all rights reserved


Ryland Moranz Lethbridge, Alberta

Ryland was born a singer-songwriter.
his concise and lyrically driven songwriting is deep beyond his years with an increasing awareness that life is always bigger than you think it is. Sometimes politically satirical and often offset with fun loving humor, Rylands wit and social conscience shine through effortlessly in the well crafted vernacular of a songwriter that has found their voice. ... more

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