Nassau Line

by Ryland Moranz

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released October 27, 2015
I Hope I don't make it to the Nassau line
where the sun and salt are on the breeze
where freedom sweet freedom is waiting for me
by the rolling sea the rolling sea

when I'm gone please don't cry for me
everybody goes I've been told
the life of a stranger is one I'll never lead
with my feet on the dock and the sun coming up
and my hand on the cross please forgive me

I hope I don't make it to the Nassau line 'cause I don't think I'd keep
an even score
I'd feel so bad for all the people I used to know who work themselves
to death while I'll be lazy growing old

Amen hallelujah
Ain't life the damnedest thing
an old man with a young mans eyes
laughs the hours away when the Yankees beat the Mets
in the news paper print with the clouds coming in
and the rain coming down while the whole harbour sounds
and the ocean comes round to receive me

I hope I don't make it to the Nassau line
where I left my shoes in the sand
I pushed my boat to sea with the fathoms under me
and waved my goodbye to land

when you get far out from the current of the fishing lane
where the marlin crash into the deep
there's a place where no trace of land can be seen
the most perfect place I've been

When I'm laid to rest out on the Nassau line
no more sunny days will I see
with no more sunrise and no more nights
with a rope on my back
and my straw woven hat
and my hooks in the sea
all my dad gave to me
on the crest of the waves I will be



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Ryland Moranz Lethbridge, Alberta

Ryland was born a singer-songwriter.
his concise and lyrically driven songwriting is deep beyond his years with an increasing awareness that life is always bigger than you think it is. Sometimes politically satirical and often offset with fun loving humor, Rylands wit and social conscience shine through effortlessly in the well crafted vernacular of a songwriter that has found their voice. ... more

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